Vitamin c serum during pregnancy

Vitamin C serum safe during pregnancy
Vitamin c serum during pregnancy

You’re pregnant, that’s amazing and wonderful, but what’s not so amazing is, in pregnancy, your skin type may change to be more oily.
So your daily skincare routine has to change especially in the third trimester of your pregnancy. 
I gotta say, it may take years to figure out the best skincare routine for you, however now you have to change it. 
cleansers, toners, your favorite vitamin C serum in the morning and your retinol cream at night, moisturizers, oils all must be changed.

why you must change your daily skincare during pregnancy?

Thats beacause any cream, serum, or solution used on your skin is absorbed and goes straight into your bloodstream.

Furthermore many substances have a harmful effect on your baby and this will lead us to the next question.

can you use vitamin c serum while pregnant?

The answer is yes, vitamin c serum during pregnancy is one of the absolute safe beauty secrets you must favor due to its tons of advantages that making your skin more intense brightening, firming, and antioxidant protection.

what does a vitamin c serum do?  

vitamin c serum has tons of advantages, I mentioned a few here:

  • Powerful Anti-aging Powers against wrinkles 
  • boosting the production of your skin collagen for a firming, and more plumping skin appearance 
  • powerful antioxidants properties help to fight dark spots caused by hyper-pigmentation or sun exposure.
  • Helps battle acne-prone.

these vitamin c benefits mentioned above are a few powerful benefits of the magical beauty potion vitamin c. but you need to figure the best serum with the right features and this leads you to the next question.

How to choose the best vitamin c serum?

In choosing the right vitamin c serum, you must consider three things

the concentration , form ,and PH level  

  • The concentration :
    • the highest concentration of vitamin c serum the more benefits to your body action but not less than 10 percent of L-Ascorbic acid.
    • less than 10% will not penetrate the skin that’s leading to less absorption as mentioned by dermatologists and experts).
  • The form :
    • vitamin c has many different forms: L-ascorbic acid is the best one and it is the most efficient form unless you are wasting your money.
    • The other forms that may be included are trahexyldecyl ascorbate, ascorbyl palmitate, and sodium ascorbyl phosphate, and many others. But not each of them is equal in effect.
  • The PH level:
    • Only a PH level of less than 3 will be absorbed and penetrate your skin.
    • this achieved when the form used has both L-ascorbic acid AND has a concentration of at least 10%.