When to use Vitamin C serum?

When to use Vitamin C serum day or night or both?

  • Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant with incredible advantages for skin tone. Using vitamin c serum for your skin is one of the most beautiful secrets and the dermatologists have different recommendations about when to use the serum.
  • These recommendations according to the advantages and allergic reaction furthermore the concentrations.
Best time to use vitamin c serum
When to use Vitamin C serum

Why use in the daytime

  • Some dermatologists recommend using the light texture of vitamin c serum in the morning due to thinking about these advantages:
    • The light texture of vitamin c serum absorbed fastly makes them perfect to be used underneath makeup or moisturizer or sunscreens or other products in the daytime.
    • Suggested it’s generally safe for use in the morning time and suitable for use even during pregnancy.
    • Also, the suggestion that using the serum in the daytime will help in preventing damage to your skin caused by free radicals. but you must have sunscreen with at least SPF30 or higher after applying the serum.

Allergic reaction to vitamin c serum in the day time

  • This may be a special note for sensitive skin persons:
    • Using the high concentrations of the serum may do some redness and irritation to your skin if used in the daytime,
      • use the serum at night in this case.
    • Also, you must stop using it in the daytime and you should wash and clean your face from serum before exposure to the sun.
    • Furthermore the combination of the serum with other components same as retinol or similars that react with sunlight, you must use them at night only.

Why use at night?

  • The other dermatologists recommend using this serum at night for all skin type due to the following suggested advantages:
    • Safe for any type of skin even if you have sensitive skin.
    • Your body’s natural repair process occurs during sleeping at night.
    • Avoid photosensitivity reaction may occur if used in the day time.
    • Absorbed effectively if used after cleanser and exfoliant at pm and gives more benefits.
  • Finally, you must use a sunscreen product in the morning to avoid allergic reactions and for more benefits

Why both morning and evening?

  • Some times there is a need to use the serum according to its concentration:
    • The high concentration
      • Used one drop once daily at night after the cleanser.
    • The light low concentration
      • you may need to use it twice daily (morning and evening) for more benefits.

when to apply vitamin c serum in your skincare routine?

Skincare routine is going for many processes:
The cleanser is the first to remove dust and oil from your skin, furthermore enhance absorption of skincare products so the serum came after the cleanser for more benefits.

vitamin c serum before or after toner?

The toner is used after Vit C serum, as the job of toner is to remove dead skin cells to increase moisturizer penetration to your skin for better moisturizing benefits. Also, you can also use Vit c serum after toner and I recommend this.

Does Vit C serum go on before or after moisturizer?

Using the serum before moisturizer is best and recommended by dermatologists after let the serum absorbed well for one minute.

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