free dental implants for recovering addicts

free dental implants for recovering addicts .. restoring the smile back

Recovering from addiction is a long journey that aims mainly to stay sober and restore the body functions back to are there any free dental implants for recovering addicts?

One of the most overlooked things in this journey of addiction recovery is restoring the patient’s smile.

Now there are free dental implants for recovering addicts that can help gain back a healthy shiny smile.

Addiction and teeth health correlation:

Many if not all substance abuse causes oral health deterioration either in an indirect way as the addicted person neglects oral hygiene measures and regular visits to the dentists.

Or in a direct way where many substances abused have a damaging effect on gums and teeth health by different means such as :

  • Causing dry mouth:

Substances like marijuana and methamphetamine cause decrease in salivary secretion and higher possibility of caries and gum diseases.

  • Craving sugar:

Some drugs like heroin increase the daily sugar intake hence causing teeth damage and possibility of teeth loss.

which need free dental implants for recovering addicts program to restore his normal life.

  • Acidity:

Increasing the mouth acidity by cocaine powder is very damaging to the teeth.

  • Damaging blood vessels:

In a condition known as meth mouth caused by methamphetamine abuse the gums are damaged badly and quickly by cutting off the blood supply.

Restoring the smile by free dental implants for recovering addicts :

Restoring patient smile after recovering from addiction is very helpful and important as:

  • It has a good impact on the patient’s psychological health by restoring his good appearance.
  • A bright smile helps him get job opportunities.
  • Speech is sometimes affected by teeth damage.
  • Missing teeth affect the ability to eat well so affecting his general health.
  • General health of the body could also be affected by gum diseases as recently scientists found a correlation between gum diseases and heart functions.

Free dental implants for recovering addicts :

The general way for restoring the patient smile begins with a thorough examination to decide the treatment plan, the treatment plan includes :

  • Treatment of gum diseases.
  • Replacing the missed teeth.
  • Achieving a normal bite.
  • Treating decayed teeth.

When teeth are missed due to substance abuse the bite is collapsed and the teeth positions are changed.

 This affects the patient’s ability to chew properly, the joints of his jaw (TMJ) and complicates the treatment plan.

Many charity organizations provide free dental implants for recovering addicts either completely free or for low fees.

Dental implants have been the best way so far to restore the missed teeth, as they function mostly as a normal tooth in appearance and eating ability.


Drug abuse has a damaging effect on oral health but it can be overlooked in the journey of addiction recovery.

Missed teeth cause many problems to one’s health by the inability to eat properly and joint problems so we should restore them back to normal.

One of the best ways to restore the missing teeth are dental implants so many organizations provide free dental implants for recovering addicts.


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