What are teeth veneers

Achieving a perfect smile .. What are teeth veneers ?

“ What are teeth veneers ? My problem is that I can’t smile. I hate the color and the shape of my teeth. I used to hide my smile for a long time but I think I am finally ready to change that . Do you think you can help me ? “ with this complaint a 25 years old woman came to the dental clinic.

The field of esthetic dentistry has dramatically changed the past few years to meet the people’s new demands of achieving a natural beautiful smile.

Nowadays people don’t have to hide their smile because they don’t like their teeth color or shape , thanks to the dental veneers. So what are teeth veneers ?

What are teeth veneers ?

What are teeth veneers

Teeth veneers mean thin shells made from dental porcelain or dental composite material to cover the frontal surface of the teeth.

Usually, dentists would prefer selecting the porcelain veneer over the composite veneer as they are much stronger and color stable.

The highly polished porcelain veneer can keep its bright color for many years, but it all depends on the financial ability of the patient as it is way more expensive than the composite one.

Steps of teeth veneers and decision making :

After answering the question “ what are the veneers “ here come the steps of achieving the perfect smile.

  • Examination and Taking the decision:

First, the dentist will examine your teeth to make sure there aren’t any other problems such as tooth decay or inflamed pockets.

He will discuss the treatment plan with you and what are your expectations.

  • Teeth preparation:

Dental veneers require removing  a small amount of the outer surface of the teeth that varies from (o.3 to 0.7 mm) to obtain a room for the thin shell of the veneer.

Usually when people ask “ what are teeth veneers “ they are afraid from this step, but dentists confirm that the amount of teeth removed is very minimal and confined only to the outer layer of the tooth.

  • Taking an impression :

The dentist would take an impression (mould) to your teeth after preparation and choose the color of the veneers using the shade guide.

Then send them to the dental lab for fabrication.

  • Bonding and finishing steps:

The last steps made by bonding the dental veneers to the prepared teeth using a strong adhesive.

Finishing the veneers and removal of excess adhesive material is mandatory to keep your gums healthy and prevent veneer discoloration.

What are teeth veneers used for ?

Veneers treat several dental problems such as:

  • Tooth discoloration 

If it can’t be treated by tooth whitening material or the patient wants a more bright color.

  • Chipped or broken tooth

Depending on the amount of the remaining tooth structure the dentist would choose between the veneer or a dental crown.

  • Diastema or gap closure between the teeth.
  • Correcting misshapen or malaligned teeth.

What are teeth veneers advantages?

Many people prefer dental veneers than other treatment options as they have many advantages like :

  • Dental veneers are very conservative they require removing a minimal amount of tooth structure.
  • Color stability and strength, generally  they can perfectly function in your mouth upto 15 years if you follow your dentist’s instructions.
  • Wide varieties of colors and shapes that suit every patient and make it easy to accomplish a natural smile.
  • The material of the veneers mostly well tolerated by the gums.

Disadvantages of dental veneers:

Veneers main drawbacks include

  • Their high cost so not every patient could afford them.
  • They are not a treatment option in some cases where the discoloration results from defective enamel or in patients with bruxism.

Conclusion :

The question “ what are teeth veneer “ is repeatedly asked by people seeking a perfect smile.

veneers are thin shells that cover the frontal surface of the teeth to change their color or shape.

They are conservative and can last for several years functioning in your mouth.


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